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‘Mother’s Day cards are for no women I know’

Not all mother/ motherhood stories are a Hallmark movie.

Note – BTW, I stopped that cycle with my own and again with my granddaughter. Does that play into living my purpose?

Below I am sharing a couple/few 😉 posts, words, thoughts blah blah blah 🙃 on the ‘other’.

To all the mothers: to mine and to yours; to the inept ones, the patient, resistant, nurturing, or kind ones; the creative ones and the smart ones and the funny ones; the ones who love bunnies and lavender, and the ones who would rather have their heads hacked off, happy Mother’s Day.


None of the Mother’s Day cards out there apply to my mother, and they certainly don’t apply to me.

Jennifer O’Connell

‘Mother’s Day cards are for no women I know’

✔ next…

Thanks to …Veronica Jarski is founder and managing editor of The Invisible Scar, a passion project dedicated to raising awareness of emotional child abuse and its effects on adult survivors. She has extensive editorial experience and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Her work has been featured on myriad publications, such as Kapost, MarketingProfs, and Ragan.

Who has MUCH more on her blog! ⤵

The Invisible Scar

– raising awareness of emotional child abuse, its effects on adult survivors & the power of words on children

Be strong. Be strong in the light and the truth. Stand in the truth, even if you have to stand alone.(And know that you’re not alone. We’re here.)

* * *

The choice to celebrate Mother’s Day or not is yours. This article covered the angle of ignoring the holiday, but you also have the option of celebrating Mother’s Day in your own way.

You can honor the woman in your life who was like a loving mother to you, celebrate the good moms that your friends are, reach out and mother yourself, or focus on being a good mom yourself. In the Catholic culture, Mother’s Day is also one that honors the Blessed Mother.

Onward and upward.

Four Sanity-Saving Tips for Ignoring Mother’s Day – The Invisible Scar

You Don’t Owe Your Toxic Mother a Card, Candy, or Quality Time on Mother’s Day – The Invisible Scar

And just because I admire her and how she handled (handles) it all…

Kellie Pickler – Mother’s Day – YouTube

Kellie Pickler – I Wonder – YouTube

Watch “Kellie Pickler My Angel” on YouTube

Brave, no longer wondering…she can SEE. Wisdom.

Kellie Pickler– “MOM STAY AWAY!” exclusive interview 11-7-07 – YouTube

Focus & pay attention, use energy, thoughts on blessings!

Which for some are GREATER than having a “mother”. And certainly greater than having the above kind of “mothers”!

Like special Daddy’s, who’s love is just as great as any good mom’s who first lay their eyes on that special gift. That overwhelming mind-blowing love that takes over your heart; greater than anything else in life. Along with grandmas, aunts, etc..

Kellie Pickler The Letter (to Daddy) Music Video – YouTube

Followed here with many images; although I have many very precious photos over the journey…I felt like using Googled images instead; ones that speak to me…”show” what matters 😍

A picture is worth a thousand words 💞

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History Lessons

#DeepState is the worst #corruption #collusion #securitythreat #democracythreat & #leaks in US history.

The REAL #Scandal:

#CIA/DeepState abuse of spy powers to subvert elected Govt is dangerous. #treason

#obamaadministration #FBI #FBIleaking #DoJ #HillaryClinton #obama #mueller scumbags #Strzok #sexaffair #Page & junior high level behavior (like #Biden) #Comey #McCabe #jamesbond wannabe #spy #Steele #illegal #corrupt #fake #dossier #StrzokPageTexts #nationalsecurity

And no #ClintonInvestigation??!! Outrageous #truth still takes a back seat to #politics.

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I sincerely wish everyone a happy & blessed day 😀
Clarification ~
NOT for ulterior motives 🌞 ➼ 😆 💞, I love others’ happiness, it just happens to have HUGE additional benefits; it’s contagious, it circles around & multiplies. 💟 ☮ 😉
Although most of us know how others “energy”/mood/attitudes  (good or bad) affects us, it’s good to throw a reminder at the wall once in a while. It is for me. I’ve only been around the good stuff this last couple years (okay I usually am but I had a couple blindsided but SHORT incidences in last few years) HOWEVER….for some it can sneak up on you or you can get sucked into the vortex that drains your joy. Sometimes on purpose (games…yes, STILL at our ages! smh, drama, jealousy, misery loves company, or whatever); sometimes not on purpose (personality disorders, angry/bitter people…not knowing any other way to be, etc. )… or the types who can’t stand to see others happy or succeeding.

SOOO….like with our kids…when they’re happy we’re happy ➼ my wish & hope for your happiness is genuine. I love to see people happy; with the added bonus, like drops of water and the RIPPLE EFFECT, it spreads not only back around but to our loved ones. ✌
Om ॐ

Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space.

Let your unique awesomeness and positive energy inspire confidence in others

Positive energy evokes more energy, more initiative, and more happiness.

Emotions Are Contagious—Choose Your Company Wisely
Most people recognize that they can learn a lot about a person by paying close attention to the person’s emotional reactions. Facial expressions, gestures, voice tone, rate of speech—all of these cues help us figure out how a person is feeling. Is he or she angry? Sad? Nervous? Afraid?

Yet, while we’re busy focusing in on the emotional states of others, we usually don’t pay much attention to something equally, if not more important—our own emotional reactions to these social encounters. Why is this so important? Because emotions are highly contagious, and if you catch a bad bug, the consequences can be damaging, even life-threatening..

💟 ☮ 😉