A Living Worthwhile

You have to participate

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” Marshall Mcluhan

There’s no free rides. When you’re living on this planet, you can’t just sit down and coast, expecting the rest of humanity to keep its eye on the ball for you. A life spent as a passenger, rather than someone contributing to making the world function, is a life wasted.








Water is life. Just a drop will cause a ripple affect. Make it a good one. Contribute to a better world.


Few…VERY FEW Know Me

How can you ‘know me’ when I continually grow? 

Some might know ‘about me’…very little if truthfully at all; it’d actually be based on preconceived, judgement, rumors and/or a tiny part of me (some actions & a LOT of laughter, but from the past. However, I am not that person anymore.


It is in an environment like this that shows part of why I (we imho) need more assistance (ie., meditation,  yoga, prayer time/God time, going off the grid, going to your happy place & other ways) that help with focus & energy on positivity.  Peace etc.. just sayin’

BTW, I titled it & created a category under ‘crazy’ as a shorthand version of the mind blowing circumstances around us.


And truth is…

President Trump continues to change or scrap the policies of the previous president and the media responds by insisting each time that the sky is falling.

It’s nine months into the administration, and there is no rest for the hair-on-fire coverage….(contin)



“My Journey Through Inner Space” lecture, Marya Mannes

magnificent read


The Baltimore Museum of Art Library and Archives